Mr. Mansoor Qadir
Punjab Employees Social Security Institution

Commissioner, Social Security Punjab Employees Social Security Punjab scheme was introduced in West Pakistan on March 1, 1967
under the provisions of Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance 1965. On dismemberment of one unit is 1970, the scheme started functioning on Punjab level and Punjab employees Social Security Institution came into being.

The main objective of PESSI is to provide comprehensive medicalcover to the secured workers and their family members including parents and to provide financial assistance in case of sickness and employment injuries. The Social Security scheme is implemented on the basis of contributory principle.

The main source of PESSI income is Social Security Contribution collected from the notified industrial and commercial establishments. PESSI has established 13 Local offices at Divisional level headed by Directors and 14 Sub-Offices are to carry out survey of the Industrial and Commercial units, collection of Social Security Contribution, inspection of record of notified industrial/commercial units, payment of Cash benefits to the secured workers and provision of medical care to the workers and their family members.


To provide medical care and benefits to employees working in industrial or commercial establishments and their dependants in the event of sickness, maternity, employment injury, or death, and for matters ancillary thereto.

Administrative Setup
Governing Body
Local offices
Senior Medical Officers
Chief Executives/Medical Superintendents
Provision of Medical Care
Disbursement Of Cash Benefits
Collection SS Contribution.

Contact Info

  • ST-31, B-20, Block-7, F.B Area, Karachi 75950 - Pakistan
  • +92 21 363 10 400
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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