Korangi Association of Trade & Industry


Korangi Association of Trade & Industry is the representative body of more than 2500 industrial, commercial and service units located in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi - Pakistan.Korangi Industrial Area is one of the largest industrial estate of Pakistan. stablished in mid 60s and made operational in 1970. It is spread over an area of 8500 acres. According to a rough estimate more than 4500 industrial, commercial, and service concerns operate here providing employment to roughly two-three lac workers. Industries of Large, Medium and Small scale contribute revenue of Rs. 270 million on daily basis.
Similarly there are 372 textiles mills operative here contributing in shape of 7% of the total textiles exports from Pakistan. A huge 78% of the crude oil used all over Pakistan is refined in the two refiners of KIA. Similarly, there are 42 fully operational flour mills located in KIA. KIA is also emerging as the new financial hub of Karachi by having 20 fully operational branches of all major and minor Banks including numerous offices of different insurance companies. The pace at which new industries are being set-up in KIA is unmatched by any other industrial estate of Sindh. Through this website a visitor can search for any industrial concern either by company name or industrial sector it belongs to given the company/industrial concern is a member of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry ().

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  • ST-31, B-20, Block-7, F.B Area, Karachi 75950 - Pakistan
  • +92 21 363 10 400
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