Federation of Pakistan Cambers of Commerce & Industry


After the achievement of independence in 1947, the Muslim Chamber of Commerce in Karachi was renamed as Pakistan Chamber of Commerce.  In 1959-60 this organization and the three other Chambers, including Buyers and Shippers Chambers and Pakistan Merchants Association (former Indian Merchants Association) in Karachi merged into one unified body, namely Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karachi.  Similar reorganization of trade bodies took place in the other business centers of Pakistan-Lahore, Multan, Dacca, Narayanganj, Peshawar and Chittagong.  Some place which had hitherto no Chamber came to have one for the first time and that was on the new basis, e.g.e. Sylhet, Khulna, (now in Bangladesh) Hyderabad, Sukkur and some other places.

FPCCI is affiliated to International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) through its Pakistan National Committee (PNS/ICC) and RCD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Islamic Chamber and had been a member of the Afro-Asian Organization for Economic Cooperation (AFRASEC).  It has effectively represented and  projected the point of view of Pakistan in international moots and conferences.  It has set up bilateral trade and industry committees with more than 52 countries.  It has set up specialized standing bodies to study and advise on problems of shippers, tax-payers, importers, exporters, investors etc.  It has conducted field investigations and enquiries on many references received from the Government.

The Chambers consisting of foreign investors were renamed as the Overseas Investors' Chamber of Commerce and Industry with head office in Karachi and the Argabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry with head in Chittagong in former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).  The "Associated Chambers of Commerce of Pakistan", which was the Federation of the bodies of overseas investors ceased to exists and these two Chambers also joined the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry was originally formed in 1949 by Mr. G. Allana with headquarters in Karachi but its membership then was confined to a limited number of bodies.  With the reorganization of trade bodies in 1959-60 the Federation has been reorganized and broad-based by virtue of the resolutions at an All Pakistan Convention of Businessmen held in April, 1960 in Rawalpindi.  The convention was presided over by Mr. M. A. Rangoonwala, the then President of the Reorganization of trade bodies in 1959-60 is the most important landmark in the history of Commercial and Industrial Bodies in Pakistan.  The main idea underlying reorganization was to eliminate the multiplicity of trade bodies - some cities had as many as five Chambers of Commerce each and certain commodities/trades or industries were represented each by more than one Association and to make them fully representative of trade and industry so that they carried more weight with the Government and international organizations.  The government of Pakistan in the Ministry of Commerce launched the scheme for the reorganization of the trade and Industrial bodies in Pakistan, which was announced through a Government Resolution on 18th November, 1958.

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